What time do the markets open?

The clothes markets are open to shoppers from 8 am - 12 pm.

Where can I park?

There's heaps of street parking around the venue and there's also great local transport connections if you want to leave the car at home.

What's the best way to pay?

We encourage our stallholders to accept payment via Paypal and bank transfer. Some stallholders may also accept cash.

Is the event COVID safe?

Yes. There's plenty of hand sanitiser around the venue for you to use and please also ensure you adhere to the 1.5m social distancing rule. To ensure compliance with capacity limits we will be monitoring numbers and we thank you for your understanding in the event you have a short wait before you can enter the venue. Please do not attend if you are unwell.



How much is a stall?

The stalls are $50 + booking fees.

How do I book?

You can book your stall at our clothes market through our online booking platform. Click here to see our market dates and to book form.

What is included in the stall price?

Stall space - 2m x 1.5m. The space is open and you have free creative control over your stall setup. All stalls are inside – there are no outside stalls.

Can I share a stall?

Yes, sharing a stall with a friend makes our clothes market even more fun. Due to the size of the space, we recommend sharing it with one other person. Alternatively, we can position you and a friend in neighbouring stalls, please email us here to arrange, after you have booked your stall.


What can I sell?

Good quality, pre-loved women's, men's, and children's clothes, shoes and accessories. You can also sell handmade, and new items (a new item with tags is a hidden gem for shoppers at our clothes markets).

I have a small business can I sell my items at the market?

The re-sell of pre-loved clothes, shoes, and accessories to reduce fashion waste is our purpose. If your business is aligned with sustainable fashion and or accessories please email to discuss your options before booking a stall space. Our customers are looking for a pre-loved fashion bargain so please keep this in mind when considering a stall space.

Do you have tables and racks available for hire?

Yes, we do! Racks are $15* to hire and tables are $10*. You can book these when booking your stall. Please note, table dimensions are 1500mmx750mm, so the same width as the stall space.

*Plus booking fees. 

How many shoppers will be at the market?

Glad Rags Markets is promoted through social media, local businesses, and event pages - including paid advertising. We do our utmost to draw in a crowd however, we cannot guarantee visitor numbers.

We're also listed on the new Brisbane app, download it and check us out, you'll also discover heaps of new things to do and places to visit.


Can I cancel my stall?

The stall booking cost and associated fees are non-refundable. If you can no longer attend the market, you will be able to transfer your stall booking to a member of your family or friend (this is for a name change only, no date changes). To arrange, please email us at – please ensure you get in touch with us no later than three days before the market to arrange a transfer. Transfer requests after the deadline will be deemed as a cancellation.

If you don’t show up on the day, we will not offer a refund or transfer. The setup times are strict and if you do not arrive in time to have your stall ready by doors opening at 8 am, you will forfeit your stall and be considered a 'no show', and no refunds or transfers will be offered.

If the organisers need to reschedule the market for any reason, you will be offered a transfer to another future market of your choice (pending availability). If an event is cancelled due to COVID-19, you will receive a refund.

No guarantees can be made about your financial performance at the market and we will not provide a refund for poor sales.


Can I transfer my booking?

Life happens! If you are unable to attend the market you can transfer to another date. Please contact us no later than 24 hours before the date you have booked to request a transfer. Transfers are offered for a $10 fee and dates are dependent on availability. Please email to arrange and receive payment instructions. Requests for transfers will not be considered beyond the 24 hour deadline. We're a small business and need to ensure we are able to cover our expenses, thank you for your understanding.



Destash your wardrobe!

If you have been hoarding clothes to fit into one day or simply have too many clothes and not enough time to wear them, it’s time to cull and turn those items into cash. Good quality pieces will appeal to our shoppers and fetch you more cash so try not to be too sentimental - your clothes will go to a good home.

What should I bring?

Racks and hangers to display your clothes. If you want to bring a table, make sure it will fit in the stall space.

Signage displaying prices and the brands you are selling also work well to attract buyer's attention.

A smile, have fun, and feel good knowing you are doing your bit for the environment.

TOP TIP! Pack your car the night before the market.

Should I use price tags?

Yes, this will allow for a smooth shopping experience for our customers. If they feel the price is too high, be open to a negotiation and settle on a price you are both happy with.

How will shoppers pay?

Offering online and cash payments will ensure you don’t lose a sale. Simply print your payment details on some signs to hang around your stall so shoppers can pay by PayPal or direct transfer. Have some cash handy, notes and coins, to accept cash purchases too.



What should I do when arrive at the venue?

When you arrive at the venue you will find ample parking space close by. Park up and head to the main door where you will find a stallholder list with your allocated stall number next to your name.

Transporting your items into the venue will be super easy and if you prefer to drop your items close to the entrance and then park up, we will have an area outside the venue car park to accommodate a drop and go system.

What time is pack down?

The markets close at 12pm. Please only start to pack down your stall when the market closes. Pack down should be completed by 12.30pm.

What time is set up?

Doors open for set up at 7am and your stall should be set up and ready for doors opening at 8am.

We cannot allow early entry to the hall as we'll be busy setting up, please wait till 7am before entering.

What items do I need for my stall?

There are some essential items you will need for your stall, which we have listed below. Please feel free to be creative with your stall space to attract buyer's attention.

- Racks

- Coat hangers

- Table (should fit in your allocated space)

- Price tags

- Signage with online payment details

- Pen/ marker (in case you want to change prices)

- Small float for cash payments

- Scissors (you just never know when you will need these)

- Paper/ note pad

- A smile - have FUN!